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Following the success in civil and small-medium industrial steel construction of the company named F.lli O.A.G. Mannocci snc during the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies, in order to cater to an increasingly demanding market in structural and technological terms, COSMAN srl was founded in 1976 and, in a few years, it becomes a national bechmark for the design and construction of large and huge industrial plants for various industries: asphalt production plants, cement plants, chemical factories, food industries, pasta manufacturing plants, sugar factories, flour mills and feed mills, waste treatment plants, electric power plants.

Also, during Eighties and Nineties, were made a parallel business unit specialized on the production of lifting and transport devices, overhead cranes, gantry cranes, named MECMAN srl, now out of business.

During the Nineties, European and global great socio-economic changes affected the Italian industrial system and led the construction of large industrial plants to a setback. Cosman srl, however, managed to cope by converting part of its structure into the series production of industrial machines.

The 2000s sees the definitive consecration of our company in the field of industrial machinery production. As a matter of fact, thanks to its ability, efficiency and production quality, Cosman srl has been able to attract a wider customer base comprising worldwide large manufacturers of various types of industrial machines, like concrete mixers, rock drilling machines, mini excavators, road milling machines and asphalt pavers.
In this way, Cosman srl has expanded its market in Europe and globally.

During ’80s was created another busines unit, TECNOMAT srl, specialized on the transformation of raw materials: metal profiles and sheet metal.
During 2000s was created TECNIPA srl, specialized on the production of telescopic booms for lifting machineries. Now the three companies together constitute a group able to offer a complete service, from raw materials to final machines.

As of today, the Machinery Division is the company’s core business, specifically the production of components for lifting machines.

Its large production infrastructure and a prominent technological know-how acquired in decades of activity have enabled the company to became a solid and dynamic and capable of facing today’s market challenges.

Production is usually based on customers’ design, but we also offer an internal design service with three-dimensional CAD systems. Moreover, our technical office is always available to offer different solutions and meet any customer’s demand.

The productive structure is based on different departments, distinguished by types of processing. This is an ideal solution for the series production of industrial machines.


Plant area: 80000 mq
Plant used space: 15000 mq


  • Mechanical structures for industrial lifting, building and road machines;
  • Construction, assembly and series testing of machines such as dumpers, mobile cranes, drilling rigs;
  • Waste treatment plants;
  • Carpentries, machinery, industrial plants for various industries, bitumen processing, cement factories, chemical industries, food industries, pasta factories, sugar factories, mills and feed mills;
  • Lifting and transport equipment, bridge cranes, gantry cranes.
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