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The Production Chain In Metalworking Industry

The production chain in metalworking industry

The construction of metal structures is generally the result of a production chain, where the operations (described in this article) are carried out sequentially by different companies, each specialized and optimized to perform in certain processes. The configuration of the supply chain is the result of a compromise, where the higher logistics costs are compensated by the optimization of the processes due to the specialization of the companies. The ability to obtain quality products at competitive prices depends on the goodness of the entire supply chain.

The typical Italian supply chain in metalworking industry is generally composed of the following companies:

  • service center
  • metal sheet cutting
  • metal sheet folding
  • profile cutting (large profiles)
  • metalworking division:
  • profile cutting (small profiles)
  • pre-assembly preparation
  • simple mechanical processes
  • assembly
  • metalworking division
  • mechanical processing
  • industrial painting
  • sandblasting
  • painting

We are an atypical company, because we include all the divisions in the supply chain, but at the same time we have a complete supply chain at our service.

In fact, our strengths are:

Huge experience. Our family has been operating in the metalworking sector for over 2 centuries, evolving  generation after generation. In 1956, from an artisan approach we move on to the industrial one basing the foundations for nowadays company. Since then, day after day, the company has grown, operating in various sectors and realizing an innumerable quantity of works and products, acquiring greater experience at every step. Our story and experience are the distinctive element of the company, the strength to face any challenge.

Our team. We are a company that has always focused on people, building lasting ties with its employees, stimulating their personal and professional growth. A company made up of people who always worked with us, a great reservoir of experience and knowledge, but also of many young people, to support continuous renewal and lay the foundations for the future.

Dimension. A large and articulated industrial plant, in continuous evolution and expansion. 80,000 square meters of surface, 15,000 of which are covered, and plans to growth. Structures, vehicles, machinery, plants, all designed for metalworking industry.

The complete cycle. In our factory there are departments for all the stages of production of our products, cutting and bending of raw materials (sheets and profiles), assembly, welding, mechanical processing, sandblasting and painting. The result of years of commitment and investment on all fronts, today this aspect represents a great strategic advantage, in terms of know-how, flexibility and speed of response to market demands and reduction of transport times and costs.

Our supply chain. Over the years, we have developed and stimulated a network of suppliers and subcontractors who have grown with us and who today represent an extension of our departments, our experiences and our potential. This supply chain makes us capable of facing greater challenges.

Optimization. Having a complete cycle, but also a complete chain, both simultaneously active and at full capacity, gives us the opportunity to make the most effective production choice, optimizing resources, times and capacities.

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